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Infinite Charity

About the Infinite Charity

The Infinite Charity was a charity platform that collected funding for educational projects in developing countries. The idea was to create a crowdfunding platform that solves the problem of competitors like GoFundMe and Co.

All projects were checked and provided full transparency to the donators. All papers of the grassroots were available for download, as well as full financial plans how the donations are used. That solved the "Trust Problem" of competitors.

The second problem is that most crowdfunding platforms charge pretty high fees. At Infinite Charity we didn't charge any fees and all donations were directly sent to the projects. This was possible because everyone who was working on the project was a volunteer, who worked only a few hours per week on the project. No one, even the CEO, received a salary. The low costs for hosting e.t.c were taken by private investors, sponsors, donators.

The project failed because it was hard to find serious volunteers. It turned out that people who don't receive a salary don't take their work serious or agree to help on the project and then don't stick to the agreements.

The project might be rolled up again in the future.