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About Brandt Media
About Brandt Media

1 . Our Vision

Building a digital future.

The digital world and its possibilities are endless. We build products that are understandable and usable and that bring joy and excitement, pleasure and fun to people's lives.

We are a team of creative people who want to take part in forming a digital future. A future full of endless opportunities.

2. Our Projects

Big vision, big projects.

With a wide range of projects we made it our goal to take part in forming a digital future.

We founded BlogTec - the Netflix of SEO & content with an innovative subscription model, as well as the agency WebTecX. Both are turning the agency industry upside down with the help of a unique, innovative and customer-focused drive.

We run multiple magazines that focus on inspiring and teaching people and created all kinds of different digital products, with customers all around the globe.

3. Our People

It’s all about the people.

Our team is a mix of people from different countries and cultures. As a digital company we don't need an ordinary office, which is why most of our team is working from home. Our people are living and working in over 10 different countries from Buenos Aires to Tokio.

A digital future is a future for everyone no matter where they're coming from. Technology shouldn't divide people it should connect them. Our remote-friendly setup helps us to keep track of people's needs in all areas of the world and not only the one we are living in. 

We deeply believe that it doesn’t matter if you work from a hammock on a beach or from an office in the city, as long as you have a good internet connection and can join regular meetings, in person or via webcam. 

About Brandt Media